What students, clients and others say about working with Larry Ackerman:

"This was a great class. I didn't think one like it existed." – Taran

"This was an amazing group - and the perfect size for sharing our thoughts and feelings." – Barbara

“Best class I have ever taken at the Learning Annex.” – Caroline

“A lot of thought and introspection has gone into this identity work. It is much needed today.”
– Heidi

“The class as it is seemed so complete; there was no feeling of needing more.”
– James

“When will the additional seminars take place?”
– Quiturah

“This took my total focus. It was such a personal experience. I went away from my day-to-day distractions.”
– Daizzee

 “I absolutely love the personal identity exercises. I have been keeping track of my progress on a notepad and every week return with new insight.”
– Jeff

“The overall challenge and chance to do some soul-searching was great.”
– Beverly

“I really enjoyed it all. Going through the identity development workbook was better than just talking about it”.
– Grace

“The most important thing for me was realizing I need to have the courage to be who I am.”
– Jill

“A wonderful experience – learning that we really can’t be anything we want to be – we have gifts and have to realize their value even if the real world doesn’t.”
– Steven

“Larry Ackerman got me to think about myself more and really explore what and who I am and how I will contribute.”
– Janet

“The most memorable part of the seminar was hearing Larry’s statement that who we are cannot be changed.”
– Susan

“I liked the introspective approach in that it didn’t tie everything back to career choices. It allows each person to make the identity connection as it is relevant to each of us.”
– Allen

“I came away with some real tools that can help me make some sense of this madness they call a job search.”
– Jarrod

“This was a very unique, interesting and valuable workshop.”
– Cynthia

“The workshop really made me think about myself and, more importantly, strengthen my resolve to find out my gift – to not give up the process, which can be frustrating at times.”
– Caroline

“Larry’s seminar helped me think about my talent and values. I am now more interested in discovering them and using them when searching for my career.”
– Jack

“Everyone should ask themselves these questions before moving ahead.”
– Jackie

“I strongly recommend making this part of the spring orientation for new MBA students. Opportunities for self-discovery are too rare.”
– Sonia

“This class gave me a framework to think deeper about why I make certain choices.”
– Mary Beth

“This was one of the most useful sessions sponsored by the Career Management Center.”
– Brady