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- Larry Ackerman, from The
Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your
Purpose and Place in the World

"The myth of personal freedom - the idea that you are at liberty to pick whatever path in life you want - is the unspoken agony of the modern person. It ignores the fact that life has order, and that that order bears heavily upon your choices - on what makes sense for you to do with the time you have. The good news is that although you can't be anything you want to be, you have more potential than you know."

Discover the benefits of identity-based living. Larry Ackerman's lectures and workshops help participants break new ground in their lives in terms of their jobs and careers, personal relationships and parenting skills. Mr. Ackerman is typically described by participants as "passionate, insightful and inspiring" - caring deeply about identity and its profound influence on individuals and organizations alike.

Review the topics listed here. If you don't see one that meets your needs, consider one that would. Mr. Ackerman's presentations are always molded to the unique needs and issues of each audience.

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