The Identity Code
The idea that you can be whatever you want in life is a myth that tortures people needlessly. It forces you to follow false trails such as money, fame or family approval, or to stay their course out of sheer desperation. It eats at the very core of your being. Why? Because it lacks integrity; it simply isn't true.

Why we succeed or fail in life, and why we feel basically good or bad about the choices we make along the way, isn't a random event. You can't chalk it up to the luck of the draw. Or assign credit or blame to how you were raised. Or, to being in the right place at the right time. Or to any other explanation that avoids the truth.

The idea that you are at liberty to pick whatever path in life you want - call it the myth of personal freedom - is the unspoken agony of the modern person. It ignores the fact that life has order and that that order bears heavily upon your choices - on what makes sense for you to do with the time you have.

The order I am speaking about is contained in a code, the identity code. Much like our biological, genetic code, our identity code is born into each of us, providing a complete map of how we, as human beings, are designed to function - of how we are supposed to live - when we are living according to who we truly are. Within the framework your identity provides, life's seeming boundaries melt away. Genuine freedom is yours.

Welcome to the world according to identity.